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A new study provides some practical insights on how to talk to non-hunters about the importance of hunting.

Almost every hunter has been asked the question at some point: Why do you hunt? Sometimes it’s framed more negatively: How can you kill an animal?

When you’re asked such a question, don’t get defensive. Answering thoughtfully presents a great opportunity to communicate the benefits of hunting to someone who probably doesn’t know much about it and doesn’t (yet) have an opinion about it.

Recently, the Colorado Wildlife Council (the entity behind the state’s “Hug a Hunter” pro-hunting ad campaign) commissioned in-depth exploratory research aimed at providing guidance to the Council on how best to continue to reach out to non-hunters to increase support of hunting and fishing. The research, conducted by Benenson Strategy Group, a global research firm, Is some of the most in-depth research ever done in terms of delving into how non-hunters feel about what we do, and it provided some fascinating insights that any of us can use any time we talk to a non-hunter about hunting.

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