October 2020

Continuing Conservation - Elk

Continuing Conservation

CONTINUING CONSERVATION – by Diana Rupp Even during a pandemic, hunters have not stopped caring about and working for wildlife. Photo above by Vic Schendel As hunters, we know how crucial wildlife and natural habitats are to the human condition, perhaps now more than ever. And while it’s understandable that wildlife conservation may take a back seat to other concerns during a health and...

Natures Remedy

Nature’s Remedy

NATURE’S REMEDY – by Shane Mahoney New research proves that spending time outdoors improves our physical and mental health. Photo above by Vic Schendel August 4, 2020, marked a momentous conservation occasion in the United States. On that day the White House officially signaled that the long-pursued Great American Outdoors Act was, indeed, a reality, and the legislation passed into...

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