Jacob Osborne

About Jacob Osborne

I was born in Mississippi into a Navy family. I spent my baby years along the coast of Mississippi then began moving about the east coast every few years following my dad’s job; we even landed in Costa Rica for a few years! In 2007 we finally landed in West Virginia where I really grew up and came into myself. Those mountains are where I learned some of life’s biggest lessons and where I really began to fall in love with the land and the wildlife that use it. That interest led me to West Virginia University where I earned a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Resource Management. After college, I moved to Missouri pursuing a career within the hunting industry.

Because we almost always lived within a stone’s throw of a body of water, I was born to be a fisherman. Growing up I would set the hook on anything that swam too close to my bait; but since maturing a little, I’ve really focused on bass fishing. When I’m not busy working, there is a really good chance, I can be found chasing little green fish on any body of water that will have me. God knew I needed something to do when I wasn’t fishing, so he also made me a hunter. In my teenage years, I picked up a bow and have not set it down since. Bow hunting has consumed a great deal of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Traveling and experiencing the outdoors with friends and family has really become my greatest passion.

Connecting people to the outdoors has always been and will always be my goal. This lifestyle is what ultimately led me to Real Estate, with special interest in recreational property. My background in outdoor recreation paired with my education in habitat management set me apart from the crowd. Building strong relationships through professionalism and hard work have gotten me to where I am today and I look forward to learning more and nurturing more friendships in the outdoor space.

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