Slowing Down

SLOWING DOWN เกมยิงปลา game slotonline – by Diana Rupp The old still-hunter’s mantra is a good lesson for the woods, and for life. The end of the year is a time to reflect. It’s also a time to take advantage of the wonderful hunting adventures we enjoy here in North America. Depending on where you live, the seasons are either ramping up or winding down, but throughout the...

welcoming new hunters

Welcoming New Hunters

WELCOMING NEW HUNTERS – by Diana Rupp After years of decline, hunting participation took an encouraging jump this year. Photo above: Rupp with her DIY cow elk taken in western Colorado. The past year has been a tough one all around. Everyone has experienced the challenges of the pandemic in their own way. The hardships have been worse for some than others, but it’s safe to say we’ve all...

Continuing Conservation - Elk

Continuing Conservation

CONTINUING CONSERVATION – by Diana Rupp Even during a pandemic, hunters have not stopped caring about and working for wildlife. Photo above by Vic Schendel As hunters, we know how crucial wildlife and natural habitats are to the human condition, perhaps now more than ever. And while it’s understandable that wildlife conservation may take a back seat to other concerns during a health and...

Explaining Ourselves

EXPLAINING OURSELVES – by Diana Rupp A new study provides some practical insights on how to talk to non-hunters about the importance of hunting. Almost every hunter has been asked the question at some point: Why do you hunt? Sometimes it’s framed more negatively: How can you kill an animal? When you’re asked such a question, don’t get defensive. Answering thoughtfully presents a...


SUSTENANCE – by Diana Rupp It’s time to welcome a new generation of health-conscious meat-eaters into the world of hunting. Photo above: Rupp with some steaks and roasts she procured in Pennsylvania last fall (still in their original packaging). Years before I got my first hunting license at the age of twelve, I was–at least in my own young mind–a crucial part of the process of putting...

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